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Nowadays, many people use the internet and having online cloud storage can help anyone who has multiple files on the internet. With ViperFile your life will become much more uncomplicated because of the features we can provide you. There are also many advantages you can get just by using it. If you want to know more about what it is, let’s start reading!

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About ViperFile

The ViperFile is a platform that aids solution to your File storage needs. Choosing a reliable platform is difficult because other file storage providers do not provide the service you need. In ViperFile, you can find the best service you are requesting. ViperFile is reliable and secure, and our priority is your requirements and protection. Most importantly, we will give you as many advantages and benefits as we can.

ViperFile Privacy and Security

ViperFile is a file hosting provider. We provide solutions to your needs by attaching your files and documents. One of our responsibilities as a reliable platform is to ensure your security. We protect your data, transactions, and all of your info. Listed below are our methods of maintaining security in ViperFile.

  • Disclosure of personal information: 
  • We may reveal your data and information if it refers to not legal matters. Also, we may do so if your documents refer to a physical threat or physical injury to any person. This information may be used by legal authorities and officials.
  • Unique URL to download the file:
  • We provide a different URL to each file if you want to download it. We do not give this URL to anyone, but if you share your link with your acquaintances, they can open it in any web search.

Besides, we have the right to inspect your files uploaded to your account in order to comply with the Terms of Service. If you do not comply, we will delete your account and try to communicate with you.

  • Cookies:
  • We place cookies on our website for our users as well. Cookies help us to know the likes and selections of users and guests. We gather information such as IP address, size of the device screen for marketing objectives. Using cookies will further improve the use of ViperFile as it will make our platform user interface easier, and you will not have to wait any longer for processes.
  • Granting Information:
  • You have the right to manage your files and personal documents whenever you wish. You can also allow your acquaintance to open your file if you provide him/her with links to the download or uploading files.
  • Securing Information:
  • All information you enter into ViperFile will be collected and protected by ViperFile Security. We do not provide or sell users’ personal information. We install plug-ins like SSL for the extra safety of files and documents.

Affiliate Program

ViperFile Offers:

  • Large storage for your uploaded files and add more storage size when affiliated with our website.
  • Large file size over 500 GB that can be uploaded per day.
  • There will be a premium account for free if actively affiliated.
  • There will be unlimited storage time for your files.
  • Browser Upload, Remote Upload, and FTP upload are also allowed.
  • Affiliate Data Development.
  • (50%) – Rebill Commission and (60%) – Initial Sale of Affiliate Commission.


  • After your three payouts are complete, please wait two weeks or a month to get your payment.
  • 50 USD is the minimum payment you can get here
  • Paypal and BTC are the only payment options available now (in the future, we will expand and add more payment methods).
  • Acquire up to (50%) – Rebill Commission and (60%) – Initial Sale of Affiliate Commission.
  • We do not accept plan changes in our Affiliate Companionships nor offer PPD.
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Note: You have to be a Respectable Uploader and or Webmaster of Nicely Platforms to become our Affiliate companion. You also must read and follow the Terms of Service of our platform to prevent your account from being suspended.

ViperFile Premium

Here at ViperFile Premium, you will have an account with more advanced tools for you. This premium will make it easier for your usage of our website. If you are not satisfied with the services that are in the free account, we suggest upgrading to ViperFile premium to get the service you are looking for.

ViperFile Premium Account Features

Maximum upload capacity1000 Mb10000 Mb20000 Mb
Storage sizeUnavailable500 GBUnlimited
Download size daily 2 GB5 GB34 GB
URL uploadUnavailableYesYes
Download manager assistance YesYesYes
Resuming downloadsYesYesYes
No waiting timeYesYesYes
Captcha queriesYesNoYes
No AdsYesYesYes
File deletion10 days120 daysNever Secure Premium File Storage Solution

ViperFile Premium Plans


Available Payment Options:

  • VISA or MasterCard
  • Bitcoin
  • PayPal Secure Premium

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it possible to refund the payment to ViperFile?

Yes, refunds are possible here. Your requests are reviewed one by one by ViperFile staff to provide assistance in the actual situation.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, if you want to cancel your ViperFile subscription please go to the email provided to the support system and send your cancellation request.

What kind of files can be uploaded here?

All types of files can be uploaded here but if the material is about child abuse or other illegal things we prohibit it. Learn to read and follow what is written in our Terms of Service to avoid banning of the account.

Where can I purchase a ViperFile Premium Account?

Our ViperFile premium can be acquired on our own website and can also be bought through our other affiliate programs.


In all that we have discussed, it can be clear that ViperFile is the answer to your request to have a trustworthy file hosting provider. ViperFile provides features that will help you. ViperFile also always maintains security for users and user’s data. ViperFile is available on any device in any browser and is also easy to use because it is User-friendly. Transactions are legitimate, and most importantly, ViperFile users will always be the top priority of the platform.

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